Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is my first posting and I have been thinking of what to write
about for a very long time and kept putting it off.  This time I
decided just to do it!  I am sure I will soon get the feel of doing
an interesting blog (hopefully).  I want to use this site for card
making and scrapbooking, and will publish photos of what I
make, and I like to think that I can give people ideas for their
crafting.  Feel free to ask questions at any time. 

On this site you will also find links to the various groups I belong
to - everyone helps each other and there are so many great artists
who are willing to give out their digi stamp designs.  When I make
a card using someone's design I like to send them photos of what
I make, as this is appreciated very much by them.  When and if I
get to the stage of being able to give out freebies, it would be nice
to see what ideas people come up with.  This is something in the

The first card I am adding was made with a digi stamp I won on
a blog hop, my first.I even had to write and ask what a blog hop
was!!  Anyway it was very enjoyable and I hope to take part in
more.  I didn't have to make a card, just put a comment on the
blog of each artist taking part in the blog hop. The blog hop was
held by Mami Doodles and the digi stamp I won is called
Lil' Mark Goes To School.

Hope you will like my blog and will return now and again to
visit - perhaps even leaving a comment for me.