Friday, October 21, 2011

I Haven't Forgotten My Blog

I'm now in the US and have found a 'crop' to go to tomorrow
and I'm quite excited.  It will be held at Michael's - a very
large craft shop, with branches all over. I have, of course,
already visited the shop, as well as AC Moore, to buy some
crafting goodies!  It is still worthwhile shopping around, one
example is that I bought a lovely 12"x12" block of patterned
scrapbooking papers for $5 in Walmart, whereas these type
of blocks cost around the $19 mark at Michael's - (although
you usually get 40%  off one item).  Yesterday whilst at
AC Moore I asked for a 40% reduction although I didn't
have their coupon, which can be printed from the internet,
and they gave it to me on one of my items which cost $15.

So next time I write I hope I will have something to say
about my first crop!