Saturday, November 6, 2010

Using Photographs on your Cards

Do you enjoy taking photographs?  If so, why not use
them on your cards.  I like to take photos of flowers
and following is a card with a photo I took in my 
daughter's garden.  This is just one idea - I am
sure that you all have more ideas.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Using Fimo

I don't often take out my fimo and all the tools associated with using
fimo, but here is an idea of how to use fimo to embellish cards. I
used a mold, but you can use other methods too, such as dough cutters.
Don't forget, anything used for fimo should not be used for food later
(plates, cutlery, etc.)

A little heat embossing was also used on this card, made for one
of my grandchildren over two years ago.  Just think of all the shapes
made with fimo one could use on a card.

Continue following this blog, as I have 
lots of other ideas too!
Scrapbooking I will do later.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don't like the card you made - change it!

I made this card some time ago and although I like the
actual graphic I did not like the finished card. Now 
that I have more crafting materials I can design much
better.  So I took the card apart and changed it, as
you can see below.  Sometimes doing this can spoil
the card, but what is good with paper crafting is that
mistakes can always be covered up.  You should
have seen how this card looked when I removed
the layers!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Decoupage I like very much - whenever I go on a longish car
journey you will find me with scissors and pictures to cut out.
I have been asked how I cut whilst the car is moving, but I
cut out very well, in and out of cars!

Here is a card I made using a decoupage image from Cupcake

Watch this space, I have many more ideas for
card making.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tea Bag Folding

Tea bag folding I enjoy as there are so many folds one can
make and it is fun to do.  Here is an example of one which
I did some time ago - I say that, because now I would do
it differently - did I tell you I love my Cuttlebug?!  I would
have used it on this card if I'd had it then - but I think it
is a good example anyhow. 

A few months ago I gave a demonstration on card
making to a seniors group - about 20 people - and
I gave each of them a square piece of paper - larger
than what I would usually use - and I got them all
doing a paper fold. First of all though I explained
what tea bag folding is and how it came about.  I
was most surprised at the response as most of the
people were very interested and wanted to make
sure that they'd done their fold correctly.