Saturday, October 30, 2010

Using the Negative Parts of a Sticker

Occasionally I use stickers for my cards and here I
want to show you how to use the negative parts -
the pieces left behind after lifting off the sticker to
be used.  This doesn't work in every case
because the pieces left don't form a recognisable
image.  No explanation is required.  Here are
two wedding cards using the same sticker, but
see how different they look.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mini Albums

I also enjoy making mini albums and here are the
ones I have made so far.

This was made with cut up
pieces of cardboard from
a box.  I cut out the flowers
and painted them and then
glossed them just a little.
Letters also cut out.

This is the inside of
the album. It can
be used for photos
and journaling.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Step Card

Here is a step card that I made for one of my
grandchildren. It is the only one I have ever
made.  I just looked for pictures on the
internet and then stuck them onto card
before cutting them out. I think it came
out cute.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Digi Stamps

The first digi stamp I painted - using the computer -
is from Lisa Larsen's Digital Stamps.  I so enjoyed
using the stamp that I continue collecting them to use.
Lisa also designs rubber stamps.  Here is my card
using her 'Tulip' image.

Card for a challenge

I belong to a group called 'Anything But Nice' on Paper Craft Planet
and today I made a card  for their Challenge "Make An Easel Card".
This is the first such card I have made and I followed the
instructions given on the site.

Monday, October 25, 2010

More digi cards

As well as digi images I like to do decoupage and tea-bag folding
and will show some of these cards too. I have also used fimo to
make embellishments. I would love to have a large craft room
where I could put out all that I have, then I would be more
productive as I'd have everything around me. But I mustn't
complain as I have a nice large desk in my second bedroom
and a cupboard near by, but I do seem to be pulled to the salon
to work on the large table there  - but I am doing a lot of
backwards and forwards to get things.  At least I get some
exercise this way.

Here are more digi cards:

Here I wanted a simple car
and used 'Sunflower top' by
Priscilla Styles. It's a lovely
'Happy Girl Bird' by
Dawn Moore

'Flowers' from
Tiddly Inks

'Cuthberg&Kiki Wedding'
from Pollycraft

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cards I have made from digi images

This digi is called Birgitti and is the first digi stamp I bought.
I think she is very nice. What's good about digi stamps
is that you can colour them over and over in whatever
colour/pattern you wish.

A Michelle Perkett digi

Tiddly Inks - Light My Life
This is a nice card for a guy

Beccy's Place -
Ballerina Bear
Dawn Moore  - Birthday Cake
from 'Lost in Paper Scraps'
DZ Doodles - Boxy Lady