Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inking Backgrounds

I am always looking around for different techniques
and I found one about inking backgrounds. So I
embossed a piece of vellum and then inked with
round foam 'fingers' - (for want of another word)
- the back part of the embossing (first photo). Then
I cut a piece of stripped paper  to add to the
vellum at the bottom edge. I then went around the
whole piece with ink to make a thin border. I added
the ribbon before I stuck the piece to the card. Once
the vellum was stuck onto the card (with a special
glue for vellum) I added glitter to the middle of
the snowflakes of the pattern (second photo).Next
I stamped a pattern and sentiment onto paper and
then used a scalloped circle Nestability around the
image.Once cut out I embossed around the edge and
went around the scalloped edge with ink. I also
made a hole with a piercing tool in the middle
of each scallop and a little glitter in the middle of the
image (third photo).  The final part was to add a bow.  
I didn't use the bow that you can see in the photos,
made by using a fork, because I decided it was too
small.  After I had finished the card, I started
trying to dry the inky 'fingers' on a piece of
paper and saw that they made a pretty pattern
too – so that's another idea for backgrounds (photo 4).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paper Flowers

I really like paper flowers and there are many different
ways of making them.  On 'Crafter's Digital Art Center'
there is a great tutorial on making paper flowers using all
different shapes, and they are very easy to do.  Here
are some photos of the way I made a flower and I like
the way it came out. Of course it can be made to look
much different in many ways. I could add glitter, I could
use a punch around the edges, I could paint each piece
and give it an 'old' look, I could just ink around the
edges- there is no end of ways a paper flower can be
made to look.  I used 5 scalloped circles and put them
together with a brad before I squished them one by one
whilst on the brad. The second photo shows a squished
piece which I didn't use and did it separately to show you.
The third photo shows the pieces all together and I undid
the squish to show what they looked like together.
Imagine how these flowers would look using all types
of paper, tissue for instance.