Friday, May 11, 2012

Me Taking Part At A Wizo Bazaar

Well I'm back to my blog, after being busy getting ready
for a bazaar, (see photo), which was held yesterday
in the grounds of a large women's organisation called Wizo.
This organisation is a fund-raising organanisation which
is world-wide. Many years ago I belonged to an English-speaking
group for about ten years, and we used to take part in Wizo
bazaars selling second hand clothing.

On my table I had a large album and a plastic container with
my cards, as well as a scrapbook, mini scrapbooks and
a picture I made for my grandchildren, as I wanted to
show people what they could make if they had lessons
with me.  A few people, did in fact, enquire about
classes.  I also had a "bargain basket" with cards
I'd made some time ago, and this was popular.

It is interesting to see how my cards have changed since
I started making them. I suggest everybody takes
photos of their cards - also it's a good way to know
what you have in stock - I have a 'cards I have' file
on my computer and a 'cards sold' file.  It is all time
consuming, but worth it I think.

Now I need to get back to replenishing my card stock
and starting to work on a new card designing job.

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