Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tea Bag Folding

Tea bag folding I enjoy as there are so many folds one can
make and it is fun to do.  Here is an example of one which
I did some time ago - I say that, because now I would do
it differently - did I tell you I love my Cuttlebug?!  I would
have used it on this card if I'd had it then - but I think it
is a good example anyhow. 

A few months ago I gave a demonstration on card
making to a seniors group - about 20 people - and
I gave each of them a square piece of paper - larger
than what I would usually use - and I got them all
doing a paper fold. First of all though I explained
what tea bag folding is and how it came about.  I
was most surprised at the response as most of the
people were very interested and wanted to make
sure that they'd done their fold correctly.

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