Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Be Afraid to Use Family Photos!

I really like to make wedding cards and as I have just
sold a few I have started to replenish my stock. Here
is a card I made using a photograph of my grandparents.
How well dressed they are. The photo was taken in 1906.
I added some colour to the card by putting the same
colour on the paper lace, the blue ribbon and the sentiment


  1. I LOVE this Jackie!! What an awesome photo of your grandparents!! The touches of blue are gorgeous! I have a beautiful photo of my grandparent too!!
    Hugs,Tammy :)

  2. Hmm, questionable... On one hand, yes, photos of our parents and grands are as usual remarkable and very inspiring, on the other hand they are so private that to share them with all the rest of the world seems to be a kind of cheapening the memory... Do not know... Once I tried to do that but stopped myself at the last stage of project and replaced it with the photo of unknown people. Although the amazing part of the story was that the photo I had been sure was of unknown to me people occurred to be a family photo!
    By chance, in many years the project was finished I got the information about who were those people shot on that photo. One of them was from our family. Do not know how such things happen, but happen...
    The card is beautiful! Exactly as Tammy noted–combination of blue and brown colours gives that very right and beautiful effect of harmony.

  3. Thank you Tammy and Tanya for your nice comments. Tanya, I do understand what you are saying - but that isn't how I feel about using my family photos. Like most people my photos are in albums or in a box and I hardly look at them, so this way I can go down memory lane and enjoy seeing the photos again.