Monday, November 14, 2011

The Crop

Back home and can't wait to get back to my crafting. Soon,
I hope to have some new cards ready.

I did go to the crop at Michael's and had a great time!  I took
a photograph of the person who led the crop, but unfortunately
her photo is an 'inidentified image' on my camera!  I am trying
to find a way to recover the photo. 

The crop was held from 11am-7pm and I would gladly have
stayed the whole day, but as we had plans for the evening I
had to leave after 4 1/2 hours.  I didn't have all my tools with
me, so I couldn't make anything special and only made one
card, but I went mostly just to be with people. A few were
there just doing scrapbooking, and quite a few knew each
other from other crops, so it was a very nice atmosphere.

Payment for the crop was $5, but, of course, everyone
looks around the shop too and buys something- with
a special reduction.  I did not come out of the shop
empty handed!

The leader started off by showing the cards that she had
made and then explained how to get started. After that
she let everybody carry on doing their own thing. A woman
came with her two children, and they were given a private
lesson.  Lots of card supplies were available for use.

When I make another trip to the States I shall certainly try
and attend another crop.  Well done, Michael's. I am
afraid I do not know the name of the Leader of the
crop, but she was very nice and friendly and had lots of
crafting experience.

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