Monday, February 11, 2013

Flowers From Soda Cans

A short tutorial explaining how to make pretty tin flowers.

Cut off the top and bottom parts of a soda can using
a craft knife and/or scissors.  

Cut out the flower using your Cuttlebug or other cutting
machine.  (I used  Spellbinders Carnation Creations dies).
Go back and forth a few times to be sure of a good cut.
(I used one sham with my A,C,B plates sandwich).

Embossing comes next, if you so wish. 

Put the flowers together with brads..  

Note: flowers can be inked or you can use patterned
paper, cardstock or materials to use together with the
metal flower die cuts.


  1. Doesn't metal damage your cutter? I keep thinking about the Robo silhouette, but can't afford it yet!

  2. Hi Angela,
    Don't forget the metal is very thin and is
    between two plates. It cannot damage the
    machine I use. If something doesn't
    go through easily, I don't force it. The
    Robo Silhouette is a different type of
    machine to the Cuttlebug. I should
    point out that the only machine I
    know is the Cuttlebug.

  3. Hi Jackie, great tutorial. I would never have thought to use pop cans! Comes out really pretty using the Spellbinder dies.
    Also, I wish to thank you for stopping by my blog and your attempt at the store. Thank you for letting me know. I have made some changes and you should be able to have a peak now. And Thank You again for posting my blog button on your blog. You are so kind.
    Hugs, Kathie

  4. Wonderful tutorial and a great way to recycle.

  5. Shut the front door.. this is super cool!!! I love this idea. What a pleasure to visit your blog .Thank you so much for playing the cdac challenges. Can't wait to see what you will come up with for the other challenges going on. Remember you can enter as many times as you like till March 31st. Happy crafting.

  6. Jackie - What a great idea to recycle a soda can, and yes they are thin. Years ago they were much thicker and might have been too difficult to diecut them.
    Sandi ♥

  7. Great tutorial, will see if I can make some too, since I have my trusty cuttlebug also! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  8. Will have to try these flowers!! Great tutorial - are the edges of the flowers really sharp? Wouldn't want anyone to get cut.

    1. Hi Marla, Good question! The corners
      aren't sharp at all on the finished flowers,
      but care should be taken when taking the
      flowers out of the die.

  9. Love your flowers will have to give them a try. Not sure I have that die, I do have one that makes large floweres.

    1. Sharon, large flowers are fine too. Actually
      you can use any die you like. I have used
      a flourish die and the flourish came out
      very nicely too.

  10. I have never thought of using fizzy cans for crafting.
    My boys go through them like there is no tomorrow.
    Will have to give this a try and hope I can do it on the sizzix big red :)
    Thank you