Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Make A Butterfly Embellishment - Tutorial

Well as I have had over 10,000 hits and have 45 followers - 
thank you - I thought I'd do another tutorial, and as I very 
much like butterflies, what better to do as an embellishment. 
This is just a general idea of how to put a butterfly
together – there are endless ways of dressing them
up.  Try using patterned paper and adding glitter,
How about using foil – I am sure you can all come
up with other great ideas for making butterflies.
Of course you can buy ready made ones, but how
much more fun is it to make them!

For some reason the font keeps changing - 
and I can't correct it.

1, Stamp two butterflies onto the cardstock/paper  you want to use.

   2. Cut out the 2 butterflies
   3. Emboss 1 butterfly 
   4. Sand emboss butterfly, if you are using core cardstock


 5. Cut and curl the end of two pieces of wire
     for butterfly antennae

6. Attach antennae to the back of the plain butterfly,
        then stick the two butterflies together. Go around
                  edge with darker ink.  Add embellishments.

  7. Finished butterfly